Hu-Friedy Reprocessing Guide

Reprocessing guide

This section contains downloadable resource documents of printable step-by-step guides, equipment capacity charts for best cassette compatibility, and much more.

IMS Cycle

ims cycle

Optimal dental infection control and prevention are facilitated by the use of solutions that allow for improved efficiency and safety. Dental instrument integrity is further enhanced by the use of Hu-Friedy's Instrument Management System (IMS). IMS allows clinicians to move instruments from cleaning through chairside without touching or damaging the instruments.


Patient Preview & Presentation

  • Systematically organizes instruments according to procedure type allowing for more focus on patients and less time spent looking for missing instruments.
  • Neatly organized instruments and packaged cassettes offer a more professional appearance and can help enhance referrals.


Processed & Prepped

  • Dental instruments are kept together through-out the cleaning process, reducing the potential for instrument breakage or loss.
  • Reduces handling of instruments, providing safer protocols and minimized risk of sharps injuries.


Wrapped & Ready

  • Cassettes containing an entire procedures’ instruments are packaged in one sheet of wrap or one pouch for sterilization, reducing the amount of packaging consumable usage.
  • The cassette design permits optimal penetration of steam to instruments during sterilization.


Neat & Complete

  • Ready for use or storage until needed for increased time savings.
  • Complete procedural set-ups for easy set-up and teardown.