Corporate Social Responsibility

Hu-Friedy's positive impact on the world around us

Hu-Friedy values community involvement - from our customers to friends and other organizations.

Fostering lasting relationships and sharing our gifts and talents is a large part of what defines Hu-Friedy as a company. A global initiative team leads the allocation of resources, coordination of initiatives and communication to create engagement and maximize Hu-Friedy's positive impact on the world around us.

Through our commitment to social responsibility and dental community support, Hu-Friedy strives to::

  • IDENTIFY INITIATIVES and causes that align with our social responsibility core value, focusing on the areas of Healthcare, Education and the Environment
  • SUPPORT DENTAL INDUSTRY ORGANIZATIONS in their missions to positively impact the community and profession
  • PROMOTE EDUCATION AND GROWTH of the field by recognizing accomplishments and rewarding success
  • PROVIDE GUIDANCE AND SHARE OUR KNOWLEDGE to help advance the dental profession