Sterilization Monitoring

Chemical Integrators Class 5 - ISO 11140-1

The new Hu-Friedy Steam Sterilisation integrators are a multi-parameter chemical indicator and are a more stringent, reliable indication that sterilisation parameters have been met compared to other classes of sterilization monitors. The integrator is used to monitor the steam sterilization process and can be placed inside each pack or load.

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Partcode: IMS-1241 (100 per box)


  • The integrator’s Moving Front Indicator Technology gives a better indication of acceptance, no interpretation of color change needed
  • The strip is easily visible inside the pack (2" long) allowing users to easily view the integrator from the outside of a pouch or within a cassette in order to view sterilization at a glance
  • Product is lead free and does not contribute to environmental lead contamination, making it safe for the environment, there are no special hazardous waste requirements
  • Product is not made with natural rubber latex making it safe for staff and patients with latex sensitivity or allergies
  • Integrators function with a variety of steam sterilizers - gravity, pre-vacuum and flash sterilizers, no need to inventory different monitor products

Integrators are a Class 5 sterilization monitor designed to react to all critical variables in the sterilization cycle: time, temperature and presence of steam


Steam Sterilization Indicators Class I

A Class 1 indicators used to verify that sterilisation parameters (time and temperature) have been met. Use one in each cassette or pouch and retain for office records.

sterilization indicators

Partcode: IMS-1240 (250 per box)


IMS Monitor Tape

Strong tape can be written on and visually differentiates processed from non-processed cassettes. Available by procedure type (pre-printed), color-coded or blank.
Hu-Friedy has developed lead and latex free monitor tape for labeling and packaged instrument cassettes therefore expanding the product range of its successful instrument management system. The environmentally-friendly monitor tape excludes the risk of lead contamination and enhances safety for patients and users who suffer latex allergies.
The monitoring tape can be labeled, for example with cassette content and date, for greater transparency and efficiency in everyday practice work. It also serves as a reliable process indicator: Black strips appear on the tape once the cassette has been sterilised in the autoclave.
Confusion with cassettes that have not yet passed through this working step is reliably excluded as a result. Avoiding lead and latex, the new monitoring tape is simple to dispose of after use.


Ortho IMS-1243
Archwire IMS-1244
Banding IMS-1245
Bonding IMS-1246
Restorative IMS-1247
Surgery IMS-1248
X-Ray IMS-1249
Blank IMS-1250
Amalgam IMS-1251
C&B IMS-1252
Cement IMS-1253
Composite IMS-1254
Endo IMS-1255
Exam IMS-1256
Extraction IMS-1257
Perio IMS-1258
Prophy IMS-1259
Pedo IMS-1260
Grey IMS-1262
Orange IMS-1263
Purple IMS-1264
Yellow IMS-1265
Red IMS-1266
Green IMS-1267
Blue IMS-1268
Black IMS-1269

IMS Monitor Tape lead free and not made with natural rubber latex

Safe for the environment, your staff and patients. Easy to use and read results.
Does not require special hazardous disposal. For steam autclaves. 55 m per roll.
Partcode: IMS-1461

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IMS Tape Dispenser

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Rubber suction cups on the base secure dispenser to table or counter. Dispenser can also be mounted under cabinet. 

Partcode: IMS-1270   Holds up to 9 rolls of IMS Monitor Tape
Partcode: IMS-1270H  Holds up to 4 rolls of IMS Monitor Tape

Corsstex Sterilization Solutions

Crosstex sterilization products are the ideal way to ensure sterilizer performance by providing the highest level of sterility assurance available, combining mechanical, chemical and biological process parameters.