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April 04-08-20
Education never ends

With good post-graduate education acting as the cornerstone of providing excellence in patient care, the alliance between Hu-Friedy (the leading dental instruments provider in the middle east) and CAPP Training Institute (one of the largest CME providers in the area) has already proven its benefits.

November 11-18-19
New HD Black Line Mirrors Reduce Glare and Deliver Superior Visibility Throughout Any Dental Procedure

Hu-Friedy, the global leader in dental instrument manufacturing and infection prevention solutions, today announced the international launch of its new HD Black Line Mirrors. Building upon the success of HD Mirrors, Black Line and XTS product lines, HD Black Line Mirrors are Hu-Friedy’s latest innovation, delivering superior visibility throughout any dental procedure.

February 02-18-19
The Clear Collection from Hu-Friedy

Transparent splints for correcting malpositions are well established in the field of orthodontics. More and more patients are opting for this unobtrusive alternative to the traditional brace. Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy is now bringing suitable instruments for adjusting these aligners to market. Clear Collection makes it easier to customise and optimise transparent splints.

February 02-18-19
Hu-Friedy: new instruments for orthodontics

Aesthetic alternatives to conventional braces are proving to be very popular. With this in mind, leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy is unveiling two new ranges of instruments for lingual orthodontics and adjustment of clear aligners at the annual DGKFO conference in Munich. To mark the market launch, Hu-Friedy is offering attractive discounts for these and other orthodontic products.