Personal Protection Equipment

The importance of proper infection prevention and control is at the forefront for healthcare providers.
In a time when more diseases spread around the world, it’s crucial to put the attention on operators, staff and patients’ safety, especially with the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). HuFriedyGroup offers a wide selection of PPE that will help you to ensure a safe environment for patients and staff.

Procedural sets

We have the solutions that help you minimize the exposure to cross-infection and blood borne pathogens during daily procedures: choose from a selection of single-use disposables (masks, gowns, drapes, accessories, medical adhesives, gauzes, pads) which are assembled in Omnia Sets. You will optimize time, organization and efficiency during chairside preparation while increasing staff and patients’ safety.



Caps and headwear are essential elements for a proper management of dental surgery hygiene protocols.

They are available in different models, colours and materials, both for surgical and clinical use. Shapes and materials has been selected and designed in order to ensure you the best comfort and protection for the whole working day.


Disposable Gowns

Disposable gowns are an important step forward in protecting the team. Made of Non-Woven Fabric (NWF), in different grammages and materials depending on their use, they meet all the requirements in terms of protection, comfort and asepsis. Surgical gowns are wrapped in medical paper and contain hand towels.


Face masks and face protections

Selecting the appropriate mask for a particular procedure is a critical component of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocol.
Surgical masks help protect against splash and spatter. They retain large droplets inside the mask, produced by the wearer.