Working smarter and being organized helps save time, money, and reduces stress


Infection Prevention must be the first priority in dental clinics. In order to meet the challenges of safety, organization, and time management, dental professionals must have a plan and a standardized system for infection control. Hu-Friedy's Instrument Management System is the most comprehensive, reliable, and complete instrument processing and infection control system on the market today. IMS combines sterilization, storage and organization of instruments in one integrated system. Hu-Friedy's IMS system allows you to focus on your patients rather than wasting valuable time looking for the instruments to complete a procedure. A well-designed Instrument Management System and Sterilization Area can create an environment that is systematic and efficient. By presenting this new environment, dentists are not only doing the right thing for their patients, they will also help them implement a system that follows Infection Prevention guidelines - making the office more profitable and safer.