Sterilization Packaging

IMS Bonded Double Wrap

Two sheets of wrap ultrasonically bonded together on two edges for quick and easy wrapping application, assuring compliance

Hu-Friedy’s IMS Bonded Double Wrap allows dental practitioners to be in compliance with the most stringent sterilization standards for healthcare settings: EN868-2, EN ISO 11607-1, ANSI/AAMI ST79 and CDC Guidelines. The Wrap is two sheets of SMS polypropylene material bonded together allowing for efficient, simultaneous wrapping. The two sheets are different colors which aids in identifying breaches in the packaging post sterilization and also allows package differentiation by color. Compatible with the most common sterilization cycles, the material is also recyclable (as a recycle code of “5”)for reduced waste.

Partcode: IMS-2215 - 380 x 380 mm for 1/4 DIN Cassettes (480 sheets)

Partcode: IMS-2220 - 510 x 510 mm for 1/2 DIN Cassettes (480 sheets)

Partcode: IMS-2224 - 610 x 610 mm for DIN Cassettes and Container Cassettes (240 sheets)


IMS wraps: IMS Sterilisation and Storage Paper 

For maximum protection, keep it under IMS wraps! The best combination of softness and added strength.

The IMS sterilization wrap is ideal for sterile storage and subsequently covering the hygienic work surface. Two functions are thus achieved by one product which saves time and money. The Hu-Friedy IMS sterilisation wrap is designed to overcome the oftentimes harsh conditions prior to, during and after sterilisation without problems. The unique composition of textile fibers makes the wrap soft enough for packaging yet robust for sterilisation and storage. The available monitor tapes guarantee that the packaging does not open up during the process and the color strips indicate what is not yet sterilised or already is. Hu-Friedy’s premium grade wrap is composed of textiles that are strong yet soft, reducing the potential for stress points at corners and tearing. Compatible with steam, ETO and gamma methods of sterilization

Partcode: IMS-1210M - 600 x 600 mm for DIN and Container Cassettes (500 sheets)

Partcode: IMS-1210MH - 600 x 600 mm for DIN and Container Cassettes (100 sheets)

Partcode: IMS-1211M - 375 x 375 mm for 1/4 DIN Cassettes (1000 sheets)

Partcode: IMS-1211MH - 375 x 375 mm for 1/4 DIN Cassettes (100 sheets)

Partcode: IMS-1212M - 500 x 500 mm for 1/2 DIN Cassettes (500 sheets)

Partcode: IMS-1212MH - 500 x 500 mm for 1/2 DIN Cassettes (100 sheets)


Remember, wraps make excellent tray covers


Gift Style

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Hospital Style

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Bagettes: Self-sealing Sterilisation Pouches

The Hu-Friedy Bagette self-sealing sterilisation pouch line includes a variety of sizes created to fit all your sterilisation needs.
Four of the sizes were specifically designed to fit our line of IMS cassettes. And four additional sizes are available for other items including rubber dam clamps, burs, hand pieces and loose instruments. Made of high quality medical grade paper and multi-layer plastic, the pouches include strong seals to prevent breaches and built in internal and external indicators for Steam and EO processes.


Feature and Benefits

  • Process indicators are located both internal and external to the instrument/cassette area and respond to all variables: time, temperature and saturated steam
  • Includes indicators for both Steam and EO processes - no need for offices to inventory different pouches for different processes
  • Maintains sterility of contents for up to 1 year post sterilisation: Pouches are designed and tested to maintain the integrity of properly processed devices for up to one year as long as the pouch remains properly sealed, undamaged, and stored at temperatures between 59-95°F (15-35°C), in an environment with relative humidity below 70%
  • Thick, strong seals protect against cassette and instrument breaches
  • High quality material construction - medical grade paper provides strength and durability. Multi-layer blue film allows user to easily see any tears in film
  • Thumb notch allows for easy opening of the pouch
  • Wide self-seal adhesive strip easily and securely seals pouch to provide reliable seal
  • Lead free and not made with natural rubber latex. Safe for staff and patients with latex sensitivity or allergies

Available sizes

IMS-1346 57mm x 102mm
IMS-1347 70mm x 229mm
IMS-1348 133mm x 254mm
IMS-1345 330mm x 508mm
IMS-1236 89mm x 229mm
IMS-1237 190mm x 330mm
IMS-1238 254mm x 356mm
IMS-1239 305mm x 432mm