Continuing Education Classes

Friday 30th April 2021- 09:00-13:00 CET
Minor tooth movements using in-office clear aligners
Speaker: Dr Rafi Romano

12 weeks treatment

Theoretical and practical course to learn the technological, digital and practical process of producing in-office clear aligners for minor tooth movements.

5th- 6th June 2020
Bennekomseweg, Netherlands
Esthetic Restorative
Awesome Esthetics
Speaker: Dr. Fahl Jr. & Dr. Taha

Learn more about direct high esthetic composite restorations just in 2 days from 5 till 6 th June 2020 with Dr. Fahl Jr. & Dr. Taha.

May 16-18 2019
Piacenza, Italy
Periodontal Surgical Techniques
Speaker: Dr. Giulio Rasperini, (iPerio Masterclass)

The aim of the course is to teach and provide further knowledge in the periodontal field for the best therapy to be performed.

November 18-19 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
Dental Surgery
SwissPerio Live Surgery
Speaker: Dr. Rino Burkhardt

SwissPerio Education offers clinical clerkships to introduce participants to advanced periodontal and periimplant surgery. The courses are held in small groups and provide room for critical discussions and exchange of knowledge.

April 4-6 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
Dental Surgery
Expert Course in Periodontal and Periimplant Microsurgery
Speaker: Dr. Rino Burkhardt

The course is designed for surgeons who are already familiar with basic aspects of periodontal flap management and who want to improve their manual skills to cope with the high demands of modern periodontal microsurgery.

November 29-30 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
Dental Surgery
The Palatal Implant + an update on Surgical Wound Closure
Speaker: Dr. Rino Burkhardt

Based on more than 10 years of own experience with the application of palatal implants as an anchorage for provisionals, in the present course, we show you how to select the ideal insertion area, how to fix the implant and how to fabricate the provisionals.

October 11-12 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
Dental Surgery
Zero Tolerance in Microsurgery
Speaker: Dr. Rino Burkhardt

The present course is a follow-on from the Expert Course in Periodontal & Periimplant Microsurgery and targeted at selected professionals who are already experienced with microsurgery.




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