Cleaning & Care

Hu-Friedy is able to provide you with the IMS Total Hygiene Solution: helping your practice to meet stringent infection control standards with:

  • Advanced-formula cleaning and care products: Enzymax Detergents for ultrasonic cleaning and presoak and Enzymatic Spray Gel.
  • Maintenance and Care of Instruments: Instrument Lubricants (ILS) and Shine reNEW to keep your instruments looking new



Your practice and patients deserve the best, so count on Enzymax for:

  • A superior level of instrument cleaning powered by a dual-enzyme design that works quickly to remove and prevent biofilms while thoroughly cleaning instruments. Extended instrument life enabled by Steelgard agents and corrosion inhibitors
  • Multipurpose applications including ultrasonic, presoak, linen spot removal and evacuation cleaner
  • Fast, effective and responsible formulation for instrument care and cleaning

Enzymax Spray Gel

enzymax spraygel



  • IMS-1229 - IMS Enzymax Spray Gel
  • IMS-1226 - IMS Enzymax liquid 3.8l refill bottle

Hu-Friedy is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly cleaning products. While all Enzymax products are biodegradable and phosphate free, Hu-Friedy’s line of green detergents, Enzymax Earth, presents less bioaccumulation potential and contains enzyme stabilizers that are safer for the environment.

Enzymax Earth offers the same superior cleaning attributes as Enzymax.

Cleaning Monitors

The first step to proper instrument reprocessing

Proper cleaning is the first and most important step to effective Instrument Reprocessing. Visibly clean instruments might not be enough to ensure quality of your cleaning protocol. Wouldn’t you want to know if your instruments have passed the first step?
Have you tried the Hu-Friedy’s Cleaning Monitors? Hu-Friedy Cleaning Monitors are designed to monitor the efficacy of the cleaning process when using washer-disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners. The monitors contain a non-toxic test soil that mimics the presence of blood and tissue on an instrument surface. Full removal the test soil indicates an effective cleaning process.

cleaning monitors

  • Insert single use Cleaning Monitor strip into the holder
  • Place holder with strip face up in equipment:
    • For ULTRASONIC CLEANERS: on top of instruments fully covered in solution
    • For WASHER-DISINFECTORS: in a basket on a shelf of the washer
  • Run cleaning cycle
  • Review results of Cleaning Monitor to determine if adjustments to process are needed

IMS-1200H - Cleaning Monitor Holder, 1 piece
IMS-1200U - Cleaning Monitor for Ultrasonic, 50 pieces
IMS-1200W - Cleaning Monitor for Washer Disinfector, 50 pieces


  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Detergent concentration
  • Spray arm function
  • Enzymax soak


  • Cavitation
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Detergent Amount
  • Number of Instruments

Why would my process fail?

There are many things that can affect the quality of your cleaning protocol. Rather than assuming that your instruments are clean just by looking at them, let’s consider some of the common process failures for your Washer-Disinfector or Ultrasonic Cleaner.



  • Inadequate water spray/impingement
  • Clogged spray arms
  • Overloading
  • Instrument shadowing
  • Inadequate detergent dosing
  • Improper detergent dosing


  • Ineffective cavitation
  • Overloading
  • Insufficient time, temperature and/or detergent

Points of performance

  • Colored test soil on strip is designed to parallell the removal of blood and bioburden from an instrument surface
  • Cleaning Monitor Holder acts as a hinged instrument measuring implingement in washer-disinfectors
  • Reusable stainless steel holder secures monitor in place in order to provide accurate results


Maintenance and Care of Instruments: Instrument Lubricants (ILS) and Shine reNEW to keep your instruments looking new

Instrument lubricants: ILS

Hinged instruments, pliers, bone rongeur forceps, scissors and needle holders should always be well lubricated.
If applied regularly, Hu-Friedy ILS Spray prevents abrasive corrosion and reduces friction levels when tools are used. Always ensure hinged instruments are open before cleaning, disinfection or sterilisation.
ILS keeps hinged instruments moving freely.
The instrument lubricants come in a convenient non-aerosol pump bottle.  Instrument Lubricant Spray (ILS) does not contain silicone.


ILS  - IMS Lubricant Spray for instruments 8oz/237ml Pump

IMS Shine reNEW Instrument Wipes

A quick and simple solution to restoring dental instruments and metals Shine reNEW Instrument Wipes effectively remove stain and rust, restoring the luster to stainless steel, brass, copper and anodized aluminum.

  • Effectively clean, polish and protect instruments
  • Eliminates the need for abrasive scrubs
  • Restore luster to instruments and metals
  • Keep hinged instruments moving freely by dissolving built-up residue
  • Quick and simple to use, any office member can use the wipes

IMS-1455 - Canister: 1 canister contains 20 wipes

  • shinerenew