The_alphabet Kit

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Designed by Dr. Leandro Pereira & Dr. Panos Bazos

"The Bio-Emulation™ Philosophy can be seen as the natural next step to the foundations of biomimetic dentistry that our mentors established in the past. There is an apt quote from Albert Einstein that represents the Bio-Emulation™ philosophy very well: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Bio-Emulation™ Group


Craftsmanship and workmanship are both directly related to the quality of service performed by an elite dental clinician. Highly skilled manual and cognitive clinical tasks require precise fine motor control integration and present the ultimate achievement regarding complex hand dexterity. Hence the skill and artistry involved in creating seamless optically integrated direct composite resin restorations requires and necessitates the finest quality of clinical instrumentation, that feels like a natural extension of your hand. For that reason, the Bio-Emulation™ alphabet_kit was carefully designed with clinical instruments optimised for maximising dexterity and proprioception in mind. Designed by dentists for dentists.


The above diagram is a simple recommendation for the area of use and wants to be a general guideline for dentists:

Alpha/Beta/Gamma are indicated for anterior direct use.

Gamma/Delta/Epsilon are instead indicated for posterior direct use.

The Zeta is instead a universal speciality instrument (for intra-oral and extra-oral use), meaning that the dentist can load composite resin on indirect restorations received by the laboratory, in order to facilitate adhesive luting of a restoration.

Bio-Emulation™ Group

The Bio-Emulation™ Group works like an ecosystem as like-minded individuals were brought together into closer contact on a global scale. A symbiotic organic relationship between vastly different individuals imbued sharing the same spirit of cooperation, progress and collaboration, hence similar ideas and ideals was thus assured. Many individual minds, with one universal mindset.