Published on January 01-14-21



The only constant in life is change, but change can be scary. It can also be exhilarating if you make a change for the right reason at the right time. 

In 2019 Hu-Friedy, Crosstex and Omnia came together for the first time as the Dental Division of Cantel Medical. Then, last year we announced the new HuFriedyGroup name and identity, reflecting our expanded promise to dental professionals around the globe.

While navigating this change has had its share of challenges through the ongoing pandemic, the results have been worth it, and we are better positioned than ever to support you. So, as we look back over the past year as the new HuFriedyGroup, it’s important to reflect on where we’ve come from, how we’re continuing to evolve, what comes next, and what that means for you.

Well, the bottom line is that HuFriedyGroup represents a combination of multiple brands under one roof. That means dental professionals looking to improve clinical outcomes, reduce risk, improve efficiencies, drive compliance, and enhance patient and staff safety can take advantage of our expanded capabilities around performance, protection, education, and compliance. While infection prevention and providing a complete circle of protection in the operatory have always been core values to us, their importance – and our commitment to delivering on them – has only gotten stronger. But, before diving deeper, let’s first explain how and why we got here.

The Origin of HuFriedyGroup

The story of HuFriedyGroup starts in 2019 with the successful acquisition of Hu-Friedy by Cantel, a company with several thriving dental brands dedicated to providing infection prevention products, services, and solutions. Together, we formed Cantel’s new dental division, and from the start, it was clear that we needed an identity that reflected the larger value that we bring to the industry while also paying homage to a name that clinicians have come to trust and rely on for over a century.

The result was HuFriedyGroup, the combination of brands, products, services, and solutions under one roof. More than just a new name, HuFriedyGroup reflects a promise to provide the best dental experience in the industry through unrivaled premium instrumentation, comprehensive infection prevention services and support, and extensive education and community offerings. It boils down to providing best in practice solutions that enable dental professionals to continue delivering best in practice results to their patients.

As the needs of the modern dental professional continue to shift, so will we. Our goal, quite simply, is to support dental professionals each and every day as they perfect their craft. Our combined resources and talent allow us to stay ahead of the curve, providing forward-looking solutions and services that meet the challenges facing the industry.

What’s Next?

When we introduced HuFriedyGroup last year we wanted to start a dialogue around what it means to be the best in practice. Rather than a hodge-podge collection of products and services, we are determined to chart a course for the future that encapsulates our expanded promise to the industry. HuFriedyGroup represents the start of that journey, and we look forward to taking our next steps with you.