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Giana Spasic, Manager Key Opinion Leaders Strategy Europe, during  ADF 2019 explains the new features of out new Akro-Flex.Akro‑Flex™ is an extremely flexible composite instrument which allows clinicians to effortlessly manipulate composite materials during aesthetic restorations. The inclusion of a ductile material allows Akro-Flex to perform as a solid brush. 

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Giana Spasic, Manager Key Opinion Leaders Strategy Europe, during Osteology Barcelona has been interviewed by QTV about our KOL Program in Europe. #HFCloserToYou 

Hu-Friedy is recently 110 years old and never as today we look so young and so ready for the innovation that’s happening in our industry. During IDS 2019 we have launched the hashtag #HFCloserToYou because we do believe that we are ready with the assets, the people the talents to be closer to our partners, both distributors or dentists and help them go through the changes that are happening in our industry today.

Using IMS cassettes reduces the risk of injury and exposure to bloodborne pathogens by minimizing the handling of contaminated sharps and eliminating hand scrubbing.

With IMS Solution, instruments, accessories and disposables are organised in an integrated system. Standardised protocols let the staff avoid forgetting any step and increasing efficiency with a more professional chairside image in front of the patient.

Watch how to use the 3ssential kit by WeRestore. The Hu-Friedy 3SSENTIAL KIT by is the most straightforward kit of restorative ever made, with just 3 essential instruments at once: Anterior (red), Posterior (blue) and Spatula (grey), from the Hu-Friedy Black Line Collection. The kit was kit developed in conjunction with DR. Gaetano Paolone and DR. Salvatore Scolavino, Key Opinion Leader from Italy. Do not miss the other videos on how to use the kit! (Videos courtesy of Dr. Paolone e Dr. Scolavino).