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Posterior Bio-Esthetic Restorations: Bio-mechanics and functional concepts in synergy

Posterior Bio-Esthetic Restorations: Bio-mechanics and functional concepts in synergy
Dr. Didier Dietschi
Zug, Switzerland
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September 26-28 2019

This courses covers essential knowledge and clinical expertise about tooth bio-mechanics and its impact on material & clinical protocol selection. Techniques for direct, semidirect and indirect techniques using either composite or ceramics will be presented and practised, with a special focus on the CTS (Cracked-Tooth-Syndrom) and non-vital teeth.

1. Tooth colored restorations & bio-mechanics: general indications & considerations 2. Material choice: conventional composites, bulk-filling products, ceramics, etc... 3. Direct restorations (with update on bulk & simplified filling techniques) 4. Tooth preparation for semi- and Indirect techniques 5. Cervical margin relocation & Cavity Design Optimization 6. Adhesive and luting procedures for the tooth and restorations 7. The Cracked Tooth Syndrome & Non-Vital tooth configurations

By Dr. Didier DIETSCHI

Received his degree in Dentistry in 1984, a Doctoral thesis in 1989, a PhD degree in 2003 and Privat-Docent degree in 2004 all from the University of Geneva. After maintaining various teaching and research positions at the University of Geneva, he is currently active as a senior lecturer at this university and is also associate Professor at Case Western University, in Cleveland (USA).
Course package
For each program, course package includes 2 coffee breaks per day, all lunches at a restaurant within walking distance to the center and one get together dinner. Participants receive course syllabus with references of all products used during the hands-on, plus reprint articles from Dr. Didier Dietschi related to the course topics, if applicable.