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Expert Course in Periodontal and Periimplant Microsurgery

Expert Course in Periodontal and Periimplant Microsurgery
Dr. Rino Burkhardt
Chirurgia dentale
Zurich, Switzerland
Data corso: 
July 4-6 2019

The course is designed for surgeons who are already familiar with basic aspects of periodontal flap management and who want to improve their manual skills to cope with the high demands of modern periodontal microsurgery.

The program covers the theoretical background of precise hand movements as well as the technical and biological principles of periodontal plastic microsurgery. Moreover, in live surgeries or video demonstrations the participants learn how to implement such minimally-traumatic approaches in their daily clinical work and in the hands-on exercises, as a main part of the course, advanced techniques of periodontal surgery are taught step by step.

Course contents:

  • Basics of hand stability, hand precision and bi-manual coordination
  • Ergonomy of posture & hand movements
  • Choice of the ideal microsurgical instruments
  • Suture materials & suturing techniques
  • Microsurgical flap designs in periodontal and implant surgery
  • Techniques for passive wound closure
  • Soft tissue grafting in microsurgery
  • Task sharing between surgeon and assistant