F151IS - Forceps Atlas, lower universal

F151IS - Forceps Atlas, lower universal

Cod F151IS

Atlas Forceps are uniquely designed to enhance performance and comfort by providing strength, precision and flexibility throughout the surgical procedure.

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It takes years of hard work, education and training to determine the proper balance of the firm yet delicate technique needed during an extraction procedure to ensure patient comfort. Engineered to provide simplicity and precision, Atlas Forceps have the power to effectively perform even the most difficult extractions. The innovative internal spring helps reduce hand manipulation, increases comfort and control, and is available in apical designs for an atraumatic extraction. Atlas

Forceps from Hu-Friedy help you perform at your best—every time.



  • Internal springs maintain the forceps in the open position, helping reduce manipulation during surgery, enhancing comfort and control
  • Apical designs provide a firm, secure grasp of the crown and root
  • Thin, sharp tapered beaks for ease in penetrating the PDL and apical progression*
  • lnnovative spring hinge ensures forceps are in the open position during reprocessing
  • Laser marked hinge for easier identification when bagged during cleaning and sterilization
  • Meticulously hand crafted from the finest grade surgical stainless steel

* Apical designs with tapered beaks during subgingival apical progression in an extraction. 

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