TNFF5/6 - Ferraris 3D Shaper

TNFF5/6 - Ferraris 3D Shaper

Cod TNFF5/6

Ferraris 3D Shaper

FF5: For anatomical modelling of restorations of posterior cusps or of anatomical dentinal or superficial elements on anterior teeth.

FF6: Its distinctive curved shape allows the tip to easily reach areas in both the anterior and posterior arch. Fine details can be created in restorative materials due to the tip’s thin design.

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The Ferraris 3D Shaper is part of the Adhesthetics Theca kit

The Adhesthetics Theca kit is comprised of four unique instruments designed by Dr. Federico Ferraris in collaboration with Hu-Friedy. It is an independent set of instruments conceived to cover the main variety of clinical phases in direct and indirect restorative dentistry in order to help clinicians to achieve predictable results and clinical excellence.

The Main Shaper, the Fine Shaper, the 3D Shaper and the Direct Caliper are all made with XTS technology, a dark Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) coating that offers superb contrast in comparison to composite materials and tooth structure. The coating is also incredibly slick, resisting the adhesion of sticky composite materials. The smooth handle is not only ergonomic and lightweight, but each instrument has its own distinct set of colour cones, making instrument identification simple. The set of four instruments includes an IMS Cassette, which prevents the instruments from being damaged during transportation and sterilization protocols.


Federico Ferraris

Born on 10th of August 1974 in Alessandria, Italy. Graduated in Dental School at Genoa University as DDS in 1999. ADHESTHETICS founder. International speaker at dental congresses and courses in more than fourty Countries. Active Member of the following Academies: EAED (European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry), AIC (Italian Academy of Conservative), IAED (Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry) and SCAD (Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry). Member of AARD (American Academy of Restorative Dentistry) and IAAD (International Academy for Adhesive Dentistry).

He is President Elect of SCAD for the biennium 2021-2022 and of AIC for the biennium 2022-2023 DSD (Digital Smile Design) Master since 2013. Member of the Editorial Board of IJED (International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry) since 2010.

Co-author of several Italian and International scientific publications. Dental practice in Alessandria, focusing in Operative Dentistry and Prosthodontics.


TNFFDIN - IMS Infinity Cassette 1/4 DIN, IME14DIN58, blue
- 4 Ferraris instruments
TNFF1/2 Ferraris Main Shaper
TNFF3/4 Ferraris Fine Shaper/Cord-packer
TNFF5/6 Ferraris 3D Shaper
TNFF7/8 Ferraris Direct Caliper
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